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Edward Andrews Homes is partnering with Empire Communities

Hello Atlanta

Edward Andrews Homes is excited to announce that we have formed a partnership with esteemed North American homebuilder Empire Communities. This strategic partnership brings together two companies that believe in a customer-first culture and a dedication to providing an unmatched experience. We are excited to combine the strength and knowledge of Empire’s years of homebuilding and customer-centric approach to that of Edward Andrews Homes.


What’s Changing

We’re particularly excited about the impact this partnership will have on new homebuilding opportunities and the Atlanta housing market overall. Our new partnership gives us a unique opportunity to bring much needed variety to Atlanta homeowners both in home design and location, addressing a vastly underserved market by offering attainable housing and high design in dynamic locations throughout Atlanta.


Our Commitment

With this new partnership, we want to assure all of our loyal homeowners, colleagues, trade partners, Realtors and more that only our name is changing. We will retain the same leadership team, while growing in knowledge and experience, continuing to provide innovative product designs that will transform the Atlanta housing market.


About Empire

Celebrating 25+ years of community building, Empire is one of the largest homebuilders in North America, having started their journey in 1993 in Southwest Ontario, Canada. With over 15,000 new homes and condos to their name, Empire has always understood that their homeowners depend on them for more than just well-built and livable homes, but also the amenities and sense of community that make a new neighborhood feel like home.

Empire’s commitment to their homeowners and to the quality of their work makes them a perfect match for Edward Andrews to join forces with. Combining their years of experience and solid foundation with our knowledge and commitment to Atlanta homeowners means that we can learn from past experience all while keeping an eye on the future.

What this means for you & What to expect


I’m a Homeowner


We understand that our valued homeowners have put their trust in us to provide a quality home built with care and attention to detail. Under our new partnership, our past and future homeowners can feel confident that their new home will be delivered with the same care, construction timelines and quality build. The same Edward Andrews community teams and company leadership will remain in place, providing a seamless transition. All home warranties will remain in full effect as the terms, conditions and service levels remain the same.

I’m a Trade Partner


Our relationships and partnerships with our valued trades will only be improved going forward. All current contracts remain unchanged and will be upheld, as our Edward Andrews leadership group and the entire Atlanta team remain in place and our day-to-day operations remain unchanged.

Edward Andrews Homes has had a long track record and solid reputation of building high-quality homes since its inception in 2009 and we will continue to build with this standard in the future. Our partnership with Empire Communities comes with the experience and a strong commitment to our continued growth in the Atlanta area. We will be looking to our current trade partners to be an integral participant in our future growth. We look forward to our continued partnership and further opportunities to work together in the future.

I’m a Realtor


Our valued Realtors can expect new and exciting opportunities as we harness the power and expertise of Empire Communities’ experience and reputation. As we begin tapping into new and exciting regions in the Atlanta market, we are excited to work with our loyal Elite Realtor network to further our message of customer experience, quality homes and well-planned communities.


Have questions? Connect with the our team at communities@eahomes.com to get all your questions answered today.

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By completing this form you agree to receive emails from Edward Andrews Homes.

By completing this form you agree to receive emails from Edward Andrews Homes.