How we go green to save you green.

One of the best reasons to build new rather than buying a pre-owned or resale home is the savings you can garner from new, energy-efficient building processes and design components. From neighborhood planning and construction methods to the appliances and features we offer for your new home, Edward Andrews strives to maximize energy efficiency — so you experience increased savings down the road. Here are just a few ways Edward Andrews provides a better-built home for you (see full list):

Appliances & Features

  • Energy Star® appliances and windows
  • Low flow faucets, showers and toilets
  • Carbon monoxide detectors

Neighborhood Planning

  • Dedicated green space
  • Regional building materials

Construction Methods

  • Air-tight foam-sealed doors & windows
  • 100% HardieTM Exterior trim products

How do you know your new home is operating efficiently? The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) calculates the energy efficiency score of new and pre-owned homes and correlates the cost savings comparison. The lower the score, the more energy efficient your home is and the higher the savings you’ll have over time. The average annual energy cost savings with a new home, compared to a pre-owned home is 40%!

Comparing HERS Scores

Typical Pre-owned Home: 130
Average Edward Andrews New Home: 75 – 80
Average Annual Energy Cost Savings: 40%

Learn more about why now is the time to build new and start exploring our communities to find the home that’s exactly right for you.

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