One of the newest trends in home technology is the feature of syncing your smart phone to your home. Although this isn’t a brand new endeavor, the creators of these devices are getting better and better at their craft, making it easier for you to have total control of your home, no matter where you are.

New technologies such as Nest and Lockitron allow you to adjust your home’s thermostat or unlock your front door – all from the comfort of your smart phone. According to, the explosion of in-home sensors and proprietary control systems will jettison 2014 as the year of “smart home conversion.”

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For those of you who aren’t quite ready to jump on the “smart home” bandwagon, here are a few gadgets that will have you feeling techy in no time:

Dropcam– This device uses a sensor to send push notifications directly to your phone when it detects motion. Update your settings to receive push emails from specific areas of your home such as your back door and leave out the higher-traffic areas.

Petnet – Feeding your pet has never been easier. Set up this gadget to automatically feed your pet based on your schedule. Controlled completely from your smart phone, you can even feed you pet remotely whether you’re on a beach vacation or just running a few minutes late from work. Just don’t forget you’ll need someone to let them out!

Skydrop sprinkler controller – In Atlanta, we are very well aware of the changing weather patterns. One day it’s sunny and 75 and the next day it’s Snowjam 2014. This lawn watering system helps you keep your grass greener by regulating when it gets watered, all while keeping track of your water consumption.

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