The New Year can be overwhelming for some. After all, there are the resolutions, the post-holiday blues, schedules filling up for the year ahead, and the innate desire for a fresh perspective.

With all that comes along with the start of a new year, updating your home design could fall low on the priority totem pole, but fresh design shouldn’t be overlooked. Creating a new look in your home is a great way to boost your mood, improve your mindset and give you a brightened perspective as you take on the new year. Here are a few simple strategies to kick start design updates in four areas of your home:

Kitchen – Updating your kitchen design is as simple as swapping out the old for the new. Pick three new items – maybe a set of bowls, containers or dishtowels – that tie into your current theme but also have unique aspects that bring your personality to life.

Bath –One trend that has really taken off is bright, printed wallpaper. Adding an accent wall of bold prints in your bath can turn this room into the chicest in your home.

Living– Toss the old recliner and add a single, sleek dining room chair. If done correctly, it can create the perfect juxtaposition between comfy sofa and a charming sit space. Another option is to buy a bold, graphic fabric and make new throw pillows to change up the look of your room.  Low cost, high return.

Bedroom – The most personal space in your home should showcase the family heirlooms closest to your heart.   Place your grandmother’s wedding pearls on the side table as an interesting and classic addition, or display black and white photos of your family’s favorite memories.

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