We’re excited to announce the recent opening of our new, industry-leading Design Center in Alpharetta. The work that takes place here is a critical part of our ExAct Design experience, which helps buyers imagine, think through and digitally create their home prior to construction, thus eliminating the uncertainty and budget fluctuations that typically accompany a custom build.

Unlike anything else in the custom building industry, our reimagined building process lets buyers work hand-in-hand with design, architecture and construction experts prior to construction to discover their personal style and define lifestyle elements that could be factors affecting the design of their home. Starting in 2015, before buyers even step into the Design Center, they will be given access to their personal online ExAct Design dashboard, where they’ll complete two interactive exercises and have the chance to explore some design concepts and terms they’ll likely encounter while designing their home.


Style Quiz

Have you ever tried to describe your taste in interior design to a friend? “Contemporary” or “Shabby Chic” may conjure up completely different visions from one individual to another. Our digital Style Quiz is a quick, fun, interactive exercise that lets buyers quickly identify what they like and helps them more clearly describe their style preferences. This gets buyers and designers on the same page, speaking a common design language. The quiz breaks down  design and style preferences into four categories, based on some universal design concepts, so that everyone is able to communicate effectively during the design experience. Quiz results are shared with Edward Andrews’ designers before your first appointment, and can also be shared on social media.

Lifestyle Questionnaire

Completing the Lifestyle Questionnaire is a key portion of successfully setting the stage for the design meetings. This interactive tool focuses on who will live in the home, what they will do there and what’s most important to the family in each space. The responses, which are also provided to Edward Andrews’ designers, are used to influence room layouts and material selections.


Resource Center

For buyers who haven’t built a home before or aren’t deeply familiar with design, it can be overwhelming to understand designer terminology, trends and all the options available to create the exact home that’s right for them. Our Resource Center describes and provides imagery for some of the terminology and product attributes buyers will encounter during their design appointments, giving buyers more confidence throughout the process.

ExAct Design Appointments

Within the walls of the Design Center, home buyers experience a process that’s focused on them, not simply on knocking out purchase orders. We’ve aligned our design meetings with the way buyers think about their homes — as one complete space at a time. They’ll work with the design team to make decisions about structural and exterior designs, then make selections for public spaces like their kitchen and family room, followed by private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms. 3D renderings will allow buyers to visualize  their home with their selections in place and further inspire buyer confidence. A final pre-construction meeting confirms every selection  before we even lift a hammer. In the coming months, we’ll be introducing 3D rendering technology that allows buyers to visualize certain rooms with their selections in place, further inspiring buyer confidence.

Experience the Difference

With these digital tools and this groundbreaking process, the experience of building an Edward Andrews home will provide even more personalization and will support more confident decisions than ever before. We’re looking forward to opening this new chapter in our digital design center and helping more home buyers reimagine the custom building process and create the home that’s exactly right for their family!

Be ready to start your ExAct Design journey in early 2015 – find the community that is right for your family.