house-hunt-larger-marketWhile the plots in the garden at The Swift won’t be acres of space, you can still reap a bountiful harvest. Right here in Atlanta even with all the hot sun.
The first step in planting a garden is picking the right spot- and we’ve already done that for you with our garden just off of the future Spur Trail. The next step is getting the soil right. And good news again, we’ve done that too. The Swift landscaping team will get your soil ready to go. The next step is planning a layout and deciding what to plant. This one’s up to you, but we suggest you hop on over to Georgia Organics for a list of what to grow/when. With a little digging in the dirt, each season can bring forth a new and plentiful harvest.

Wondering what to try growing if you’re convinced that you will never, ever have a green thumb? Herbs are an easy starter plant and you can buy the young plants at a garden center instead of starting from seed. Try rosemary, basil, dill and thyme to start out. For vegetables, the less-killable options include lima beans, peppers, pole beans, sugar snap beans, squash and tomatoes. Don’t worry, you don’t have to start out an expert and chances are, a few of your neighbors will be able to show you some great tips. Just get out there and get your hands in the dirt.