Thompson-StreetWelcoming porches. Thoughtful details. Connected Living. These are some of the features that will define Midwick. When you look around, you may just feel that you’ve walked into a place that has been here a while. But then you’ll notice the modern touches– maybe the lights in the motor alley, the open sidewalks or the carefully designed courtyard that invites you to linger.

With both attached and detached home options, Midwick features second story porches and gables in the “folk victorian” style, a more symmetrical and formal painted brick look in the “federal” and “greek revival” options, and a modern casual wooden “stick” façade. Each has authentic details and creates a welcoming and varied streetscape (no two of the detached homes are exactly alike), more reminiscent of an older city than a typical suburb. This is truly a new southern life and the perfect place to put down roots.