“We can never have enough of nature,” said Henry David Thoreau and we have to agree. We designed Larkspur to seamlessly blend with natural spaces, incorporating what was already there and making it accessible.


Our nature trails wind with the path of the creek. The ponds, already on the property, were worked into the community plan. Every home here will feature outdoor living that flows right out the backdoor. For those who want to get their hands in the dirt, vegetable hill awaits your plantings. We’re looking for spaces to scatter wildflowers and provide natural habitats for our bees and birds. Don’t be surprised if you see birdhouses along the woods or purple marlin nests by the ranch house (Marlins are the best form of insect control there is.) When you live life unwound, you’ll want to hear the birds, drop a line in the pond, stroll the meandering trails and drink it all in. As Thoreau said, “I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.”


Here are a few of the images that inspired us:


Wildflowers and split rail fences that just add natural beauty.

Don’t you want to see where this goes?


We think even Thoreau would enjoy hanging out here.


It’s not just a garden– it’s a community and a source for organic veggies.