Edward Andrews Homes is redefining the meaning of community at Bixton, its latest intown home development located where Kirkwood, East Lake and Oakhurst all meet. A lifestyle-centered community that connects to the area’s main thoroughfare and attractions via two staircases deemed ‘Stairway to Hosea,’ the staircases now offer a fun pop of color in the neighborhood.

Designed and painted by the EA Homes team, the vibrant splashes of color have transformed the two otherwise bare concrete staircases that lead from the community up to 2nd Avenue and Hosea L. Williams Drive. The mural concept was created by the EA Homes team to serve as a neighborhood identifier that draws people in while offering a true sense of community through a visual journey and artful backdrop. The new art also seamlessly blends with the popular existing East Lake mural under the bridge while also adding energy and liveliness to the underpass.

“At EA Homes, we believe in creating experience-driven and purposeful communities that contribute to the connectivity of the area and co-exist with surrounding neighborhoods,” said Caroline Simmel, chief marketing officer for EA Homes. “With Bixton, we’re excited to be within walking distance to local restaurants, parks and schools in a growing city landscape, and the mural serves as a gateway to Atlanta’s vibrant intown lifestyle. The idea for the mural goes far beyond the art element and elevates the community as a whole, establishing a sense of place and providing a ‘sharable’ moment for those living here or just passing by.”

The art was inspired by the community’s tagline, “Joy Around Every Corner.” The steps were positioned to face outward to the community, and neighbors and visitors alike are encouraged to post their photos with the mural and staircases using #StairwaytoHosea.

“Our inspiration for the mural came from our vision of the vibrant lifestyle at Bixton and played off the colors from the existing mural along the Cottage Grove tunnel,” said Jenny NeSmith, marketing director for EA Homes. “We used a carefully-curated color palette to create an ombré design and bring life to the once dark and dull space. Like Bixton, #StairwayToHosea has been designed as a fresh, stylish and playful place to connect.”

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