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Midwick Site Plan

Jenny NeSmith

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House-hunting tips for successful online home searches

Edward Andrews Homes

Nine out of ten people who search for a new home use the Web at some point. According to Google, the number of real-estate related searches appearing on this browser increased 253% in four years. We rely on our mobile devices for all sorts of research and purchases, so why not use this power tool...

Catch the Current: A New Urban Lifestyle

Edward Andrews Homes

Every part of The Swift has been thoughtfully designed to support a modern, active lifestyle. Pulsing with life, neighbors can wander the trails, check out the art on the path running through the middle of the neighborhood, dig in the dirt of the community garden or throw a ball for their dog on the lawn....

Who is this Grant and Why does he Have a Park?

Edward Andrews Homes

The Swift is located just next to historic Grant Park. Eclectic and unique, Grant Park is one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods and home to one of the city’s grandest parks. The park was founded in 1883 when Lemuel P. Grant, a successful businessman and civil engineer for the Georgia Railroad donated 100 acres to the...

A Sneak Peek at Amenities: The Pavilion & The Lawn

Edward Andrews Homes

“A modern, urban interpretation of the original Grant Park Boathouse.” That’s how our designer describes the stunning Pavilion area being designed for The Swift. This gathering spot is complete with places to play and lounges perfect for parties that spill out onto the deck and into the evening. Tucked up next to the social lawn,...

10 ideas for a pet-friendly home

Edward Andrews Homes

Your pet is part of your family, so make sure your furry friends feel like they’re also part of your home. Here are 10 ideas for pet-friendly home. Remove temptation. Dogs and cats have a powerful sense of smell, so they’re drawn to fragrant items and places, which could include your garbage, pantry, and countertops....

Tips for choosing a mover

Edward Andrews Homes

Moving to a new home is exciting. However, packing up your home and making the move can be stressful. You can make your life much easier by knowing how to choose a moving company that is reliable and affordable. Here are some useful tips for choosing a mover that will safely transport your belongings to...

Selling Your Home to the Millennial Homebuyer

Edward Andrews Homes

There’s a new generation of homebuyers out there, and they are distinctly different than those who came before them. Millennials—a total of about 80 million people born between 1980 and 2000—constitute about 35 percent of today’s homebuyers, according to a 2016 National Association of Realtors study. Although many of them have school loan and credit...

Design Your Dream Now. Start for Less.

Edward Andrews Homes

Imagine if you could start the move to the life you want right now and design your dream home with a reduced financial obligation of only $5,000.* With EA Design Now, you can. Learn about how it works and chart your path to the home you’ve always imagined. For contracts signed now through May 31,...

You’re Invited: Comfortable Luxury Tour of Homes

Edward Andrews Homes

JOIN US! Step into comfortable luxury with EA homes. May 13, 14 and 20, 21 we’re throwing open the doors of our model homes, kicking off our shoes and inviting you to see what it means to truly live in comfortable luxury. Visitors to each property will receive a free gift for stopping by. Visit one community...

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